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The Average Life Span of an LED is 11 Years

By [] Lydia Quinn

Their use for several serious applications like brake lights, traffic lights, and emergency exit signs, are a testament to their reliability and longevity. Nowadays, they are used much more widely, in just about every possible lighting application due to their many advantages.

From outdoors to indoors to businesses to commercial and industrial uses, LED’s are invading every aspect of our lives and they’re only getting more ubiquitous. There’s no excuse for anyone to be left out of the LED revolution with prices coming down.

Constructed from tiny chips somewhat like those used in a computer, the LED directly converts electricity to light without the need for a filament or glass bulb.

The LED has no filament within it, thus eliminating the possibility of burnout, as in a breakable glass bulb, and reducing the amount of heat generated. The chips are enclosed in solid plastic that can be manipulated into any desired shape.

LED lights are longer lasting than ordinary glass lights, and save valuable energy and money. The average life span of an LED is 100,000 hours or approximately eleven years, and this does not include the time when it is turned off, meaning fewer use increases LED life, unlike conventional light bulbs that are almost guaranteed to blow out within that time.

Remember how every time you decorate the garden, those colored glass lights burn out and you patiently replace them as part of an ongoing tradition? With LEDs, you can pay more attention to decoration and less to bulb maintenance!

All these attractive qualities make LED a good choice for landscape lighting. If your property is extensive, the cost of lighting it up conventionally turns forbidding, but in the long run, it is economical and practical if you use the wonderful things known as light-emitting diodes.

Virtually unbreakable with flame-proof plastic, the LED is less prone to burn outs, due to the low temperature it emits. Moreover, the decoration can take on a whole new meaning with these lights: there are certain brands that are wonderfully decorative, with each bulb sculpted with facets that create a lovely, unique shimmering effect.

Glimpsed near flowering trees and shrubs, or a cool fountain; such a light show can be intensely beautiful. LEDs come in colors like red, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, blue, and white, as well as many other shades of colors and styles.

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